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For the next 2-3 years, I plan to spend summers in the Americas, winters in Asia, and spring and fall in Europe. I usually make my schedule 2-3 months in advance, but there may be last-minute let me know which months you'd like to schedule, and any specific dates when you are not available.

Photography Services

Book a 2 or 4 hour Portrait 

Book a half-day or full-day Event 

Coming soon: a calendar of when and where I'll be. I'll spread the word through social media regarding my upcoming schedule. Upon arrival, I plan to offer live workshops through Follow me on Instagram and Facebook to see if I'm coming to your community soon. Or invite me to your neck of the woods, and we can collaborate on creating our own workshop for your local or online network.


Book a Long-Weekend or Week-Long Workshop 

I'll meet you in your home, or at the travel destination of your choice.

I'm preparing a series of blogs, vlogs, as well as online classes to share everything I know  about travel photography, which I see as a combination of event, portrait, and landscape photography.  I focus on teaching the art of independent and budget travel.

Book a Free 30-minute Consultation 

After you've checked out my social media - head over to  my Facebook page and sign up for a free, 30-minute appointment for a chat, to ask questions, and to discuss your hopes and dreams.

Past Cultural & Photography Tours That I've Led

While teaching abroad (In Hungary and India), I offered my teacher colleagues the opportunity to join me on several cultural and photography tours. Check out some of the highlights in the galleries below: