About Me - ericjohnsonvik

Greetings! I'm Eric...a digital nomad, a lover of life...and professionally: an international photographer and educational consultant.  I  work with  late-blooming entrepreneurs who, like me, have a burning desire to learn and grow, follow their dreams, and share their creativity, knowledge, and life experience with the world.

I'm looking to connect with other educators, creatives and healers who share my passion for personal & professional growth, in an effort to "grow up," go out, and make a difference in the lives of others. My core values include authenticity & honesty, love & compassion, community & connection, gratitude, freedom, and contribution. What are yours?

Educator and Artist-in-Residence 

I'm starting two business: 1)  as a photographer and photography teacher, and 2) as an educational consultant. I'm a digital nomad: I spend summer in the USA, winters in Asia, and spring and fall in Europe.

I will  be  developing a series of on-line courses  borne out of my own experience of photographing, teaching, and living abroad for over 20 years. Online classes will have a virtual component, whereby students will meet weekly to share their work and discuss their learning. Upon completion of an online course, students will have the opportunity to meet one another in person, and to practice their new skills in a travel workshop at holiday destinations world-wide. (I also offer "artist-in-residence" seminars for those who prefer to stay at home.) Besides teaching photography and ESL, I will be developing themes such as "The Art of Independent and Budget Travel" and "Communication Skills for Introverts."

Credentials and Experience


I have a Master's in Education in Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis in Multicultural Education and Teaching English as a Second Language. (George Mason University), and a B.S. in elementary education (Indiana University). I did my student teaching on the Navajo Reservation through I.U.'s American Indian Project

I'm a certified elementary school teacher. (Colorado, USA)

I also hold an Oxford TEFL certificate for teaching English to adults. (Barcelona, 2007)

I’ve taught primary school, middle & high school art, and English as a Second Language for over twenty years at international schools, serving families of the international business & diplomatic communities in  Honduras, The Netherlands, Hungary, and India.


In my 23 years abroad, I've worked in four countries and visited over 60 others as a traveller and photographer. I've taken two gap years between teaching jobs: In 1996-97 to learn Spanish in Latin America, and in 2007-2008 to study photography in Asia. 


As I am launching my own businesses, I am learning a lot about goal setting, time management, collaborating & networking, web design, blogging & vlogging, and digital marketing...and to make it all flow, I am learning to practice and teach mindfulness meditation. I'd like to share my growing understandings in these areas as I work towards mastery.

My Mentors:  Workshops I've Attended

I've had the good fortune to study with some of the best documentary and travel photographers in the business. Check out my photos of workshops I've attended as a participant in the galleries below.